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At MYOB, we take great pride in helping businesses succeed. That’s why every single thing we do, each and every day, aligns to this vision.

We believe when small and medium sized businesses thrive, so too does the local and national economy.

MYOB story


Helping businesses succeed

At MYOB we’re proud to continue our 26-year history of delivering intelligent and intuitive business solutions that make life easier for our clients. Our solutions save time, simplify processes and take away stress, so that anyone running a business can focus on what’s important to them. We understand success is personal, and we’ll continue to seek ways to make every part of business life easier.


Making the future

We’ve made great strides in delivering our vision of the Connected Practice, where seamless connectivity will allow businesses and advisers to collaborate in real-time. The rewards of automation and accurate data feeds are significant, and we’re excited to see more and more accountants, bookkeepers and small business advisers join us on the Connected Practice journey.


Investing in innovation

Delivering great experiences for our clients is what we live for! Last year we invested $68 million in research and development to create market-leading products and services which remove time-intensive tasks for Australian and New Zealand businesses. We believe the development of our MYOB Platform will deliver greater efficiencies and savings for small and medium enterprises (“SMEs”) and advisers, and enable seamless collaboration through an integrated online platform.


Our business community

We are passionate about our business community, and we continue to seek out opportunities for businesses, small and large, to thrive. Whether through our commitment to paying our suppliers within 30 days, our investment in the start-up community or through policy advocacy, we are committed to creating a positive community and environment to enable more businesses to succeed.


MYOB’s vision for the accounting industry

A new, better way is emerging for SMEs and their Advisers (Accountants, Bookkeepers and Certified Consultants).

The accounting industry is changing. Global trends such as Big Data and Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and the changing nature of work is transforming the way the accounting industry operates.

MYOB is at the forefront of this changing environment and has created an exciting and bold vision to deliver seamless connectivity between the SME, adviser and the broader accounting ecosystem. We have defined this as The Connected Practice.

The Connected Practice

connected practice


Accountants and Bookkeepers become business coaches and compliance managers

Transaction Processing

Become primary owner of automated transaction processing, configure systems, process only anomalies


Review prefilled data; ensure deadline met


Review business performance and cashflow, recommend improvements, consult on key business decisions

connected practice


Things just get done

Mobile Moments

Quick and easy accounting on a mobile device e.g. get a bill, approve it, file it, account for it, schedule payment, all in 5-10 seconds on a mobile device

Track business performance

Leverage AI set up by adviser, SME views through any device

Interactions with adviser via MYOB apps

Questions, source docs, signing and compliance lodgment, all via a shared online workspace

The Connected Practice will deliver seamless connectivity across the ecosystem, to enable effective, insight-led decision making by businesses and their advisers, ultimately driving increased referrals of SME solutions for MYOB.

The MYOB Way

At the heart of everything we do lies The MYOB Way. A powerful combination of our Vision, Values and Experience. It is who we are, how we act and everything that makes us uniquely MYOB.